Staffroom Secrets - Jane's story

Staffroom Secrets was established to bridge the gap between the classroom and the kitchen table, which is something I am passionate about.  I trained as a dancer and established a theatre in education company because I simply loved to teach. I quickly discovered that children responded and achieved far beyond their teachers' expectations when I taught history/English/science through movement, song, rhyme and games.  I became hungry to have a greater and sustained impact on the children I taught, and so I took myself off to adult education classes and began the long journey towards getting a degree (in performance studies) and ultimately my QTS.  


I started writing Staffroom Secrets back in October 2018, on my eldest daughter's 22nd birthday. It seemed a fitting day to start something special because, ultimately, it was intended as a gift for her. Beth had just turned the age I was when I had her, and I was determined to write her the book I wish I'd had. I may not have been a teacher when she was little, but I was now; I knew I could save her so much time and energy by writing down all the little tricks I'd learned, all the 'Staffroom Secrets' I'd discovered over the years. I have three children and a miniature sausage dog, who (when he feels like it) answers to the name of Winston! Life in the Chappell household is always full of learning...Flo is in Year 5, Lottie is studying for A levels and Beth works for the BBC and enjoys maths tutoring.  One day, I hope they'll all benefit from the book I wrote with them in mind...


When the Covid-19 lockdown began, my girls and I responded to requests from parents and teachers to make YouTube videos to help parents confidently support their children's learning at home. Teachers used them in Zoom classes and parents used them at home. They are still available for everyone to benefit from, and the maths videos all feature a unique twist! Each subject is tackled from two different perspectives - using different techniques. We explore 'traditional' methods (abstract) and more 'modern' pictorial methods (bar) side-by-side, so you can really get to grips with everything that's happening in the classroom & not be left behind... Parents have loved the videos because they help them communicate more effectively with their children and save them from unnecessary frustration.


Author: Jane Chappell


Events & Workshops
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School based workshops for parents

I offer a range of workshops for parents from reception to year 6. All the workshops are lighthearted and packed with practical advice, a bucket load of games and a wealth of inspiration. My aim is to bolster confidence and mitigate fear. Participants leave knowing they are the most powerful and capable influence in their children's education.

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Workplace workshops for parents

As a working parent, I know what it is to juggle and to feel guilty. It can often seem like there are not enough hours in the day... Happily, by playing the games I recommend you'll be getting two for the price of one in the parenting stakes! Quality educational input, coupled with quality time - be that on the school run, in the bath, at the table... I'll give you games, strategies and curriculum insight so you can boss it at home, even if you can't in the workplace!