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'Staffroom Secrets' is the book that bridges the gap between the classroom and the kitchen table. The aim of the book is to help parents make learning what it should be: child's play. I trained to be a teacher after having three children, and in the process I learnt things I wish I had known before - it would have made my life so much easier! The book is full of games, invaluable tips and insights to help you encourage your child to be a confident, independent and resilient learner.


If you are looking for support to help your children navigate primary school, check out the book, videos & reliable, downloadable resources on this site...


We also offer workshops - Staffroom Secrets' Workshops for parents take place at your school or workplace. If you buy a bundle of books, you'll be eligible for a discount on a workshop... See the workshop page for more details on the activities we offer.

We are here for one reason - to help parents support their children's learning. We are here to help with English and maths, but we're here for playground spats, online dramas, growth mindset tips and everything else that comes with primary school too! 

If you want to get more involved in our growing community, check out our Facebook group and Instagram page - we'd love to hear from you. 

Happy learning,

Jane & the team x

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