Division - YouTube Video
An exploration of division! Comparing traditional (abstract) methods and pictorial (bar) methods side-by-side. The language of division is explained and equations solved without pencil and paper but with physical aids... It's the 'bus-stop' but not as you know it!
Introducing Fractions - YouTube Video
A gentle introduction to fractions with 'real world' examples and mathematical language explained!
Fractions continued - YouTube Video
Support your child to add and subtract fractions. Discover two techniques to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions.
Introducing ratio - YouTube Video
A gentle introduction to the concept of ratio - explored using two methods: traditional (abstract) and pictorial (bar).
What's The Time Mr Wolf?
Get 'hands' on with time by making your own clock... You will need: 2 paper plates, 1 split pin, card of various colours, scissors, glue, coloured pens & some time!!
Rhymes Times Tables
Making up funny rhymes that you can play a clapping game to (old-fashioned playground style) is great fun! To learn the moves & the rhyme you go over & over the tables and learn it by accident!
I'm thinking of a number...
In this game, ask yes/no style questions to find out your opponents number. Does it have two digits? Is it odd? Is the digit in the tens column less than 5? Let's get talking about numbers...
Primary-aged chidren need to know thier prime numbers up to 20. This rhyme can help children remember them... They must also know WHY they are prime!
In year 5 your child will be expected to know about their prime numbers... Prime numbers ONLY have 2 factors: 1 & the number itself.
If the answer is 12, what is the question?
You can use this game with all sorts of subjects. If the answer is adverb, what is the question?
Rounding numbers
This is a handy rhyme to help us remember the rules of rounding...

If the number in the column to the right of the place value column we are rounding is 5 or more, the number rounds up. If the digit is 4 or less, the number remains as it is...

4.56 rounded to the nearest tenth is 4.6

564 rounded to the nearest ten is 560
Hands on 3D shapes...
This is the best way I have found to help children get to grips with the parts of 3D shapes.
Waiting for your meal? Here's a good game to keep you amused...
Fractions in the real world!
It's important to make maths part of our everyday lives - be sure to talk shapes, patterns & numbers in your daily chit-chat!
Fraction wall manipulative
Compare fractions and solve problems with this handy, hands-on manipulative...
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Fraction wall manipulative

Compare fractions and solve problems with this handy, hands-on manipulative...

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